The client
Transport for Greater Manchester
The brief
Each floor at the TfGM HQ has a wall as you walk out of the lifts – know as the Wonderwall – each wall has a mural on it and each floor is bespoke. My brief was to come up with a concept for the 7th floor of the building.
The concept
I chose a photographic route and wanted to show the size of the area which we operate in. I came up with the idea of using a drone to capture the skyline of Greater Manchester from 100m above the centre point of the building giving the viewer a view of Manchester that they would never normally be able to see.
I commissioned Kestrel Cam ( for the job as they were able to launch directly off the TfGM HQ roof and capture a series of high-resolution, 360 degree images which I stitched together to form the final artwork for the wall.
Above the main image were the 10 districts of Greater Manchester, including the coordinates for the council office, area it covers and straight line distance from TfGM. Below the image is the TfGM HQ address and coordinates.
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