The client
Transport for Greater Manchester, Salford University, Northern Rail, Salford Centre for Applied Archaeology
The brief
I was given a unique opportunity to design an exhibition for Salford Centre for Applied Archaeology the would be used in the waiting hall of Salford Central Station.
Following a visit to the Gore Street excavation, the Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, asked Transport for Greater Manchester
(TfGM) to explore how we could utilise public spaces to showcase and exhibit the inspiring archaeology work carried out across the city.
The waiting hall was chosen due to its size, number of passing commuters and passengers as well as its location next to an upcoming archaeological dig site.
The concept
I first looked at "traditional" exhibition systems that would fit in the space, but these just didn't do the content justice. So I explored bespoke made exhibitions, and came up on a concept that used self supporting crossed wooden panels. Speaking with our appointed supplier we began to look at how feasible this would be and how big the panels would need to be in order to fill the space. After several mockups testing angles, materials and sizes we settled on a series of 1500*1500mm interlocking boards made of an 18mm birch ply, with a direct to substrate print, meaning the content would be applied direct.
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