The client
Safer Roads Greater Manchester (SRGM)
The brief
Safer Roads GM is a partnership between the 10 Greater Manchester Councils, GM Fire, GM Police, North West Ambulance, National Highways and Transport for Greater Manchester. As part of their approach to reduce the danger to people who are using the streets of GM the have produced the Road Danger Reduction Plan (RDRP) to showcase their aspirations.
I was asked to produce a document that could be primarily published online, but with the ability to print it should the need arise. SRGM already has a well established brand identity so working within the guidelines I was able to develop a design for the document that was engaging and on brand. 
The concept
Taking a cue from the "A" device in their logo, I developed the consistent use of the "/" symbol and shape throughout the document, picking it out in their red accent colour where possible. The red scent then helped to bring emphasis to the infographics throughout the document.
The initial design concepts featured full colour images throughout the document to help people to relate to the content, however when it came to images of crash scenes it was deemed too hard hitting so I looked at a way to dehumanise the images by taking out the colour and using a halftone pattern over the top of them. Using the blue overlay to tie them back in with the brand colours.
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