The client
Transport for Greater Manchester
The brief
To create a display that charts the historic journey of the site of the new Rochdale Interchange, including the use of hydro power from the River Roch to generate electricity for the future.
The concept
​​​​​​​The Interchange in Rochdale town centre stands on the site of historic interest. During its construction the site underwent a series of archaeological digs in order to uncover and document the site before the construction began. I wanted the display to represent the layers of history that were unearthed, and the range of materials that have been produced on the site over the years.
Working with our chosen supplier, Astra Signs, I was able to spec a range of materials including acrylic, wood, metal and fabric that we could print directly on to. With its natural wooden background the display would sit well in the Interchange against the natural effect wall panels.
I drafted the design below, and the team at Astra were able to produce a 3D visualisation to show the layers of details.
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