​​​​​​​The client
Transport for Greater Manchester
The brief
To develop a brand identity for a bus service linking Salford University with MediaCityUK. In 2011 a new service was introduced by TfGM that would link Salford University and Salford's main housing areas with MediaCityUK, home to the newely opened media campus for Salford University, The BBC and ITV.
The brand needed to be appealing in order to attract the attention of those using alternative transport to get to MediaCity which in turn would make the service a viable option for a mainstream operator to run on a permanent basis.
Salford QuaysLink would have 6 hybrid buses, liveried in the brands identity. These would be supported by printed posters and leaflets, online advertising, bus stop branding and promotional tickets.
The concept
​​​​​​​In collaboration with my TfGM colleagues I developed a brand identity that was complementary to the Salford City Council (SCC) brand and one which would stand out from the other commercial operators. This led us to the use of the SCC magenta to associate the service to being solely based in Salford.
The branding needed to be adaptable to work across all the assets;
– Vehicle livery
– Bus service timetable
– Bus stop signage 
– Exhibition/promotion banners
– On bus signage

Images courtesy of TfGM. Photos by Lesley Chalmers
Images courtesy of TfGM. Photos by Lesley Chalmers
Images courtesy of TfGM. Photos by Lesley Chalmers
Promotional and information materials
Promotion and information materials to support the publicity and running of the Salford QuaysLink service.
Above: Pocket guide
Above: Bus Information posters - promotional and information
Above: Bus stop identifier plate
Above: Portable double sided promotional banners
On bus vinyls
Above: On bus coving poster (below close-up)
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